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2021-2022 Pennsylvania House and Senate Education Committee

Below are the current state representatives assigned to the Education Committee. 


Scott Martin, Chair D13  Term Expires 2024

Lindsey Williams, Minority Chair D38 Term Expires 2022

Judy Ward, Vice Chair D30, Republican, Term Expires 2022

John Disanto D15, Democrat, Term Expires 2024

Jake Corman D34, Republican, Term Expires 2022

Doug Mastriano D33, Republican, Term Expires 2024

Ryan P. Aument D36, Republican, Term Expires 2022

Michele Brooks D50, Republican, Term Expires 2022

James Brewster, D45, Democrat, Term Expires  2024

 Carolyn Comitta D19, Democrat, Term Expires 2024

Timothy Kearney D26,  Democrat, Term Expires 2022


Curtis Sonney D04, Chair

Mark Longietti D07

Meghan Schroeder D29

Barbara Gleim D199, Republican 

Jason Oritaty, Special Education Committee Chair, D46, Republican 

Craig T. Staats D145, Republican

Jesse Topper D78, Republican

Valerie Gaydos D44, Republican

Mark Gillen  D128, Republican

David S. Hickernell D98, Republican 

Joshua Kail D15, Republican

Andrew Lewis D105,  Republican

Milou Mackenzie D131, Republican

Robert Mercuri D28, Republican

Michael Puskaric D39, Republican

Tim Twardzik D123, Republican 

Joe Ciresi D146, Democrat

Ed Gainey D24, Democrat

Carol Hill-Evans D95, Democrat

Marylouise Isaacson D175, Democrat

Patty Kim D103, Democrat

Summer Lee D34, Democrat

Maureen Madden D115, Democrat

Napoleon Nelson D154, Democrat

Mike Zabel D163, Democrat 

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