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Ways to get involved 


Join The Alliance

One of The Literacy Alliance's main goals is to mobilize critical stakeholders to eradicate the roadblocks and injustices that prevent children with dyslexia and learning disabilities from learning to read. This includes developing mutually beneficial and highly collaborative relationships with other dyslexia and literacy organizations in Pennsylvania in order to advance a unified legislative agenda.  If you are part of a non-profit dyslexia or literacy organization and are interested in joining The Literacy Alliance of Pennsylvania as a Partner in Literacy, visit the Join The Alliance tab for more information. 

Pennsylvania Parents for Dyslexia Legislation

The Literacy Alliance of Pennsylvania is recruiting parents, teachers, and other professionals to join our legislative advocacy team. No experience is necessary. Only a strong desire to make meaningful change for our dyslexic children and a commitment to unified legislative advocacy efforts. For more information click the box below. 

Join The Alliance 

Organizations interested in unified dyslexia advocacy across Pennsylvania are welcome to join The Literacy Alliance of Pennsylvania as Partners in Literacy.  

PA Parents for Dyslexia Legislation

Are you the parent or grandparent of dyslexic child? Are you a teacher or other adult concerned about dyslexia? 

Join us to transform the lives of our children with dyslexia and reading disabilities. 

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